St. Luke’s Outreach Centres can be found in three of our communities: Okotoks, Brooks and High River. We provide education in a non-traditional school setting offering curriculum to students who require a more flexible approach to learning. In partnership with The Centre for Learning @HOME, St. Luke’s Outreach provides Alberta Education approved courses in a self-paced format with teacher and education assistant support. We currently serve approximately 150 high school students and our goal and mission is to ensure that we “Leave Not One Heart Behind”. The staff at St. Luke’s Outreach Centre will do everything possible to develop and meet the spiritual, social, emotional, psychological and academic needs of each of our students; not just to complete high school, but ultimately to become productive members of society. As is found in the gospel of St. Luke, through the parables of The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son, the themes of support and acceptance are prevalent. St. Luke’s Outreach Centre, like the Good Samaritan and the father of the Prodigal Son, will be a source of love, acceptance, assistance and support for the students we serve. Our vision is to create a loving, caring, faith-filled learning environment where students are equipped to become resilient, confident, valued and engaged community members who make healthy decisions in their work and personal lives. Furthermore, our students will recognize their own value and worth and that of others. Our mission is sincere and simple: Leave Not One Heart Behind. We want each of our students and parents to remember that St. Luke’s Outreach Centre lives and truly believes in that statement. For more information contact Leslie Woehleke, St. Luke’s Outreach Centre Principal at 403-995-0287 or